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Learn best practices for building a strong foundation for literacy and teaching effective reading instruction. Use research-based courses, resources, and tools to enhance your teaching today.

The Cox Campus Difference

When teachers practice what is learned on the Cox Campus, they see dramatic results. Children of all ages respond to strong relationships with improved learning,  school-aged children improve their test scores, and family partnerships strengthen.

Here, immediately applicable and research-backed practices come to life so you can learn how to reach and teach every child - from infancy to literacy.

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So Many Reasons to
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Science-Backed, Proven Strategies

Our courses provide trusted content, informed by more than 20 years of research, and have been proven effective in real classrooms.

Accredited Professional Learning

Cox Campus is an IACET-accredited provider and is approved through various state-specific registries.

We are also an IDA-accredited provider through our Cox Campus Structured Certificate Program.

Over 1,000 free resources for Educators

From assessments and progress monitoring tools to story read guides and more, our resources are free to download and easy to implement in your classroom today!

Always Free, Unlimited Access

We are committed to equity and part of that commitment means making high-quality materials to support children’s language and literacy that are accessible to ALL. This is possible thanks to generous partner investments and grant funding.

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Birth-Age 5 Courses

A deep reading brain is essential to literacy and justice for all. Our early learning courses are grounded in critical prerequisites to learning: Relationships, Trauma-Informed Practices, and Immersion in a Curriculum.

    • Healthy Brain Development
    • Positive Experiences and Relationships
    • Language -Rich Environments
    • Explicit Instruction
    • Essential Early Literacy Skills


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Video Courses

Experts take you from understanding to instruction. See them share and demonstrate proven practices to teach critical skills for reading.

    • Compliments and enhances existing curriculums
    • Earn continuing education units
    • For infant to 3rd educators of all levels of experience
    • Learn at your own pace, on your own schedule
    • School Leaders see how Cox Campus can support your entire staff

Kindergarten-3rd grade Courses

Learn about structured literacy.

By maximizing every interaction with all students, you'll develop each strand of Scarborough's Rope in your own classroom and cultivate a language-rich environment for teaching and learning. The Kindergarten – 3rd grade courses on Cox Campus guide teachers through important concepts like:

  • Assessment practices for supporting all students
  • Language-rich classroom environments
  • Explicit and Systematic instruction

Diagram of Scarborough's Rope


The K-3rd Grade accredited structured literacy course series is dedicated to our dear friend and colleague, Susan Rhoades, as a humble acknowledgment of her unwavering dedication to equity and access to education for all children. Susan’s commitment to her students’ confidence, strong language and literacy, and their pursuit of knowledge and empathy for others has had a profound impact on both children and educators in our community. Her work sparked the transformative professional development movement now known as the Rollins Center.

Resources and Activities


Downloadable lesson planning templates, story guides, assessments, teaching aids, and much more.

    • Easily download, print, or share
    • Hundreds of resources (and growing!)
    • Helps support what you learn from our courses
    • Saves you time so you can focus on your teaching


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I have learned so much to take back to my classroom. I'm using these learning experiences to help strengthen the language of each child and I see a difference each day in the children's language.


Always Free, Unlimited Access

Thanks to generous partner investments and grant funding, everything on the Cox Campus is available to you at no cost - ever.