A child’s brain is a work in progress!

Every loving interaction a young child has with the responsive adults in his life helps his brain grow
healthy and strong, and has the power to determine the course of his life.

Build My Brain is a FREE video-based course that presents the science of early child development and the critical practices needed to secure a future of opportunities for all children.


Children’s brains are built one word and one hug at a time.

With every back and forth interaction, adults give shape to the millions of connections in a child’s brain, laying the foundation for all future learning, including reading.

Find out more about how a child’s brain architecture is constructed and how families, caregivers, and all adults can be great brain builders through the responsive interactions and nurturing relationships they have with children.

All of us play a part in shaping a child’s future.

Be a part of an ecosystem that works diligently to keep brain construction on track for all children.