Get Credit on OCCRRA

Register on OCCRRA:

Register for any Cox Campus Course that is listed on OCCRRA. This step is necessary for information to properly transfer when coursework is complete.

Setting Up Your Cox Campus Account:

BEFORE completing coursework be sure to update your Cox Campus account. Setting up your account will ensure your information is successfully transferred to OCCRAA.

The Cox Campus System Requires 4 things:

  • Your email address on Cox Campus and OCCRRA must match
  • The state must be listed as “Ohio” on your Cox Campus Profile
  • OPIN ID must be entered in the Certification Number Field under your profile BEFORE courses are completed. OPIN must be formatted as ####-####.
  • Members must register for a Cox Campus Account to completed courses listed on OCCRRA

For more information on how to update your account Click Here.

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