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Engaging and Effective Virtual Read Alouds

Lesson plans, tips, and tricks for virtual read alouds that hold children’s attention and build the language foundations they need.

Reading together on the carpet is the anchor of an early elementary classroom community. How can you continue to connect with students and develop social and emotional learning while your classroom is virtual?

Virtual Read Aloud Tips and Tricks

Virtual Read Aloud Walkthrough

Rollins Facilitator Cheryl Kirksey walks us through a virtual read aloud by Jasmine Williams of Drew Charter School in Atlanta, explaining how she makes the magic (and the science!) of read alouds come alive… even virtually.

Sulwe: Virtual Read Alouds

Watch along as Ms. Williams does three read alouds of Sulwe, one of our favorite books for young readers! Notice how during each story read, she focuses on a different aspect of the characters or story.

Read Aloud Lesson Plans

START guide read aloud lesson plans include everything you need for an engaging and effective read aloud: think alouds, open-ended questions, vocabulary, extension activities, and DLL visual aids for three repeated reads.


Drum Dream Girl


Julian is a Mermaid


My Cold Plum Lemon Pie Bluesy Mood

Downloadable Teaching Resources for Virtual Read Alouds


Pathway to Language & Literacy for K-3 Teachers

Chart the course for every student with relevant, helpful reading instruction content for K-3rd teachers.