Many families with young children are without childcare, and are quickly becoming familiar with the challenges of facilitating learning at home in an engaging way. During this time, we’re encouraging parents to first, take a deep breath. Remember you’re not alone — the families of 55 million children across the country are sharing this experience with you!

Next, it’s time to formulate a plan. Together, we’ve got this! To help you out, here are a few suggestions for learning activities to try at home with young children by engaging them through Talk, Read, Play.

Every moment of interaction and engagement counts! Beyond the examples below, remember, you can engage your children during routine moments throughout the day, while preparing meals, getting ready for a bath, and doing laundry, for example.

Playful Learning Activities


Dramatic Play Restaurant

Ask your child to pretend they’re going to open a restaurant. Ask questions and encourage them to describe the kind of restaurant they want to open and the kind of food they would serve. Help them create a menu using pictures and/or words, or if there is an older sibling who can help, this could be a great opportunity to get them involved, as well. Volunteer to be a customer so your child can do dramatic role play while taking your order, serving you food and taking your payment.


Play Dough Creations

Pull out the play dough and encourage your child to create. They could make their favorite food, or a menu item from their make believe restaurant. Help them create something more intricate like your kitchen or bedroom. Then take a picture of your child’s artistic creation, so you can look at it together anytime!


Play Outside!

If the weather permits, go outside with your kiddo to use some sidewalk chalk, blow bubbles or kick a soccer ball around. Backyard scavenger hunts, picnics and sprinklers are fun for all ages! If you can’t get outside, try creating an indoor obstacle course, setting up a tent or building a fort together.


Dance Party

Have a dance party with your family! Take turns picking the music and talking about the instruments you can hear.


Flashlight Friday!

  1. Ask your child to choose 3-4 books
  2. Help them find a comfortable, dark place to get cozy
  3. Ask them to shine light on their books and read to themselves

Interested in a more structured form of talking, reading and playing with your child? Enjoy daily lessons delivered by real educators.


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