“Feed me!” says the Hungry Monster! If you’ve been a Cox Campus member for a little while, you probably have heard of our popular classroom character, The Hungry Monster. He is adored by children because of his funny voices and magical nature, and he’s loved by teachers because of the versatility he offers as a teaching aid. I have used The Hungry Monster countless times, and it always brings a fun and meaningful teaching/learning opportunity. I can’t wait for you to try it too! 

In this blog, you will find 6 skills/lessons to teach using the Hungry Monster in your classroom, how to make a Hungry Monster of your own, and resources to support your small group and large group classroom activities to make them even more amazing! 

6 Ways to Use the Hungry Monster in your Classroom:

We love PAC Time at the Cox Campus. “PAC Time” stands for phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, and concepts of print which are necessary skills in preparing children to learn to read. (If you would like to learn more about PAC Time, visit the Cox Campus and take the course, Foundations of Learning to Read.)  We are constantly creating new classroom activities using best practices  to teach these pre-literacy skills in a fun way. The Hungry Monster is a tried and true activity that is one of our favorites because it is so versatile in your lesson plans, and memorable for your kiddos! 

Here are 6 ways to use the Hungry Monster in teaching phonological awareness and alphabet knowledge skills

Note: PAC Time follows an implementation plan (or a “scope and sequence”) for teaching phonological awareness to Preschool and Pre-K children, and/or Elementary school children who need scaffolding and support in pre-literacy foundations.  

  1. Alphabet recognition: “Feed me the letter M!”
    1. Video: Recognizing Letters with Mary 
  2. Compound Word blending: “I want to eat a cup…. Cake”
    1. Video: Blending Compound Words with Mary
  3. Syllable blending: “Feed me a “wat…ter…mel…on!”
  4. Onset-rime blending: “I’m hungry for a c…..ake!
  5. Beginning sounds: “I want to eat something that begins with the /m/ sound!”
  6. Phoneme blending: “I’m hungry for a ‘h…a…m!’”


*Don’t forget to check out our supplementary resources to support these activities in your classroom!*



How to Make a Hungry Monster for Your Classroom:

Feeling inspired yet? Making a Hungry Monster for your classroom is easy and fun. All you need are a few basic materials – plus some creativity to make the Hungry Monster your own! Check out some of these DIY examples of Hungry Monsters from other Teachers:







  • Poster board (For Lg. Group)
  • Large Manilla Folder (For Small Group)
  • Felt for the body
  • Red felt for the mouth
  • Googly eyes
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors 
  • Additional felt for accessories (optional)
  • Large envelope or container for holding letters/picture cards/”food items” 


  1. Cut out Hungry Monster’s body, including the mouth. 
  2. Arrange Hungry Monster’s body and the red felt for his mouth so that the red felt is properly placed under the open mouth. 
  3. Remove the body, and glue the red felt in the correct position to the poster board.
  4. Place Hungry Monster’s body back on top of the mouth. Glue the outside edge of the body to the poster board.
  5. Glue the mouth so that the top is closed and there is a pocket in the bottom of the mouth. 
  6. Glue eyes or other embellishments.
  7. If creating accessories, cut out pieces. Glue the envelope on the back of the poster board for storage of removable accessories. 


Resources to Support Your Hungry Monster Activities:

Here are 6 FREE printables from the Cox Campus resource library for you to implement Hungry Monster activities into your lesson plans tomorrow!


Additional Recommended Resources in the Cox Campus Resource Library: