Infant to 3rd Grade Educators

Social-Emotional Health

Literacy is possible only when we ensure, through our relationships with children,

that our schools are safe havens where every child is free to learn.  

Adults create that security when we recognize our biases and commit to work through them, and when we understand and adjust for the sources of trauma children have experienced. Through these two courses, learn how to address your own implicit biases and how to provide critically inclusive, empathetic, and supportive learning environments where all students can heal, trust, and thrive.

Implicit Bias

We are often unaware of biases, yet they are a part of being human that influences how we think, behave, and interact with others. When we recognize and commit to work through our own biases, we open the opportunity to radically change learning environments.

Trauma Informed Practice

Children experiencing trauma are at risk for psychological, emotional, behavioral, and academic challenges. Trauma can also cause long-term health and developmental setbacks. This accredited course equips teachers with the knowledge and strategies to make a meaningful difference for all children.

Infant to 3rd Grade Educators

Make a Difference for Every Child

Learn best practices for building a strong foundation for literacy and teaching effective reading instruction. Use research-based courses, resources, and tools to enhance your teaching today.