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Getting It Right For Dual Language Learners, as seen in Saporta Report

Rollins Staff August 9, 2022

Over the next weeks, early childhood teachers will welcome a new group of children to their classrooms. Current demographics show that an increasing number of these children will be dual language or multilingual learners – children…


The Gift

Rollins Staff January 1, 2020

Dual Language Learners (DLLs) are children who are learning and developing in more than one language. In the US, 1 in 4 children under 8 are Dual Language Learners. Each one is given a precious…


What Every Teacher Should Know About Dual Language Learners

Rollins Staff October 29, 2019

A few years ago, I worked as a coach supporting a Pre-K teacher with young dual language learners (DLLs) – many of whom spoke Spanish. Nathan was one of the sweet four-year-old DLLs, and he…


Let’s Talk About the Benefits of Bilingualism

Rollins Staff October 28, 2019

Raise your hand if you learned a foreign language in school! Do you remember the unique name you chose to be called during your class? I do! You can call me Genevieve, today, instead of…


5 Meaningful Ways to Support Dual Language Learners at Storytime

Rollins Staff October 18, 2019

Children exposed to intentional storybook read alouds benefit from learning about written syntax and vocabulary, develop concepts of print and phonological awareness, and build their comprehension skills (National Early Literacy Panel 2008).  However, listening to…