Access to Language

Literacy Puts Every Child on the Path to Becoming Who they are Meant to Be

Children who are D/deaf or hard of hearing can achieve the same educational outcomes as their peers with typical hearing when given access to the opportunity to do so. Realizing this potential hinges on hard work of those surrounding them - to ensure a swift diagnosis, equitable access to timely audiological care, enrollment in early intervention, and establishment of appropriate school-age services. As a professional, your pivotal role in supporting our children to reach their full potential cannot be overstated. The online learning modules below are designed to aid you in enhancing and tailoring your services - guaranteeing that every child gains timely and suitable access to language and is set up for successful development of the deep reading brain so they can decide their own future.

Online Training Modules

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Newborn Hearing Screening Online Training Module

In this course, you will learn why newborn hearing screening is important, what Georgia law requires regarding newborn hearing screening, and how to conduct the two main types of tests (OAE and ABR).

Newborn hearing loss is the most common disorder at birth

Tele-Audiology Training

Test assistants and audiologists play crucial roles in audiology testing. This manual outlines the equipment needed as well as the procedures and responsibilities involved with five different types of testing in the field of teleaudiology.

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Parent Navigation Curriculum

This course consists of background information on why Parent Navigation is necessary, content on skills of a successful Parent Navigator, a collection of case studies that correspond with learning content, a resource library, and glossary.

Access to Language (AtL)

Access to Language (AtL) is an initiative developed by the Atlanta Speech School, funded by the Oberkotter Foundation and is a part of Talk With Me Baby. AtL’s mission is to ensure that all families experience a streamlined and effective system for screening, diagnosis, and intervention for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

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