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Tips For Teaching Alphabet Knowledge

Rollins Staff November 9, 2020

A great way to begin teaching letters to children is to focus on the ones in their first name, because their name is important to them! This is a great way to introduce and get…


Language Nutrition: Keeping Your Child’s Brain Healthy and Strong

Rollins Staff May 13, 2020

We all know proper nutrition and regular exercise are very important for our children’s bodies to grow (and stay) strong and healthy. But did you know nutrition and exercise also play a big part in…


Lifting Language: How to Help Grow Your Child’s Vocabulary This Spring

Rollins Staff May 4, 2020

I love springtime! I think it’s the newness it brings: the bright green grass and leaves, the tiny buds just waiting to open, blue skies, rain showers and birds chirping. Spring is just so… refreshing…


Responsive Interactions & Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Rollins Staff April 29, 2020

REDUCE! REUSE! RECYCLE! This Earth Day TALK, READ, PLAY theme is filled with learning opportunities for you and your child that will last long beyond Earth Day – which really is what Earth Day is…


Benefits of a Visual Daily Schedule for Children

Rollins Staff April 29, 2020

“The days are long, but the years are short.” This adage is frequently shared with parents or caregivers of young children. But the days – particularly during the uncertainty of this pandemic – are likely…


Atlanta Speech School’s Pop-Up Early Learning

Rollins Staff March 26, 2020

Daily Learning Experiences for Families of Toddlers & Preschoolers During this crisis, schools are closed and families like yours are having to find new ways to keep learning at home. We know it’s not easy,…