Every time you read with an infant or toddler you promote language development and critical thinking skills.

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Books for Everyone!

Multicultural Booklist for Infants and Toddlers!

Check out this list of great multicultural and multilingual books to read with infants and toddlers. Push-in rich language as you explore the world through literature!

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“Winter Snow” TIPS Guide

A fun and exciting way to teach letter recognition!

A complete TIPS guide for the book Winter Snow, by Marion Liesbet Slegers. Includes detailed plans for tuning-in, introducing the book, promoting language, and summarizing the book.

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Engagement is Key

Start story time by tuning in to children’s interests with a fun activity. Watch this engaging component of the TIPS strategy below.

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P.A.T. It Out

Point to, act out, and tell child-friendly definitions of tier 2 words as you read with children. This is the PAT strategy! Hang this poster in your classroom to remind you of the components of the PAT strategy. You can also share with parents and visitors so they know about strategies you’re using in your classroom.

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Let’s Discuss

Encourage Participation and Expression with the power of song!

Infants and toddlers are great observers. Encourage them to follow along as you engage them with songs and fingerplays. When engaging infants and toddlers in your classroom with songs and fingerplays what have you noticed?

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Read With Me

Use the TIPS strategy to transform story time! You will have opportunities to have great conversations that will promote their language development and critical thinking every time you read together.

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