While many of us are spending a lot more time at home, you may be struggling to think of ways to continue your child’s cognitive development and still take care of household chores. 

Use these games to keep the learning going and provide opportunities for your child to help out around the house. Win-win!

Laundry Sorting

Folding and sorting laundry never ends, right? Have your children help you by putting all the clothes that are alike in one way together (e.g., all shirts, all pants, all grownup and children’s clothing). Talk about the ways they decided to sort them.

Sorting Canned Goods

Trying to organize your pantry? Your child can help! Encourage them to put together all the items that are alike in one way. Talk with them about why they chose to group certain items together. This helps build their critical thinking skills and language.

Matching Lids and Containers

Tupperware and lids never seem to match when you need them, but your child can help with that, too. By finding the matching lid to each container,  they are building spatial awareness through trial and error. Fitting lids to pots and pans or plastic containers can be a fun learning experience – and you’ll finally get that pesky cupboard organized!

Counting Coins

Do you or your child have a piggy bank? Ask them to help you figure out how much money you’ve collected. Say the value of each coin as you’re counting to ensure accuracy. For additional practice, have your child count try counting in sets of 5 or 10.

Matching Socks

Matching single socks into pairs is not only a helpful chore you child can do, but it can also help your child notice specific attributes such as color, size, and visual patterns. Talk about why they chose to put various socks into pairs. Remember it’s the conversation with your child that matters most!

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