New Video Hits Hundreds of Thousands of Views on YouTube!

Have you seen our latest video that was featured on Huffington Post? Now learn how YOU can apply the themes in the video to your own life or classroom through the Read Right From the Start program.

Watching and sharing the video is only the first step. Learning and applying the proven methods for interacting with children makes the largest impact.



Ever since Huffington Post Parents published an article (“Eye-Opening Video Will Make Adults Reconsider The Way They Talk To Children”) featuring The Rollins Center’s latest video, “Every Opportunity,” video views and conversations in the comments have continued to rise. Parents and teachers across the web have been moved by the video, which illustrates way that kids’ interactions with adults can impact their success later in life.


Though the video’s message is moving enough to inspire sharing across the web, its purpose extends much farther than a 4-minute moment that makes us rethink the way we speak with children. Instead, the ultimate purpose of the video is to challenge everyone who watches to take an important next step in their own lives.


How can YOU apply what you saw in the video? The Rollins Center has a program called Read Right From the Start, which is a series of free online courses that parents and teachers can take to better interact with children in their lives in a way that sets them up for success. The program is grant-funded with the mission to improve literacy rates, so it doesn’t cost a dime. If you’ve been moved by our latest video, the natural next step is for you to translate its vision to your own classroom or home environment. Free courses that teach best practices for interacting with children from birth through age 5 are now available. Register today at
Applying the principles in the video is one small but important step toward helping the Atlanta Speech School and The Rollins Center further our mission to develop life-changing language skills in our children.