The Raising of Children in a Digital Age

Maryanne shares an interesting story about her experience trying to film for us in the Vatican and provides further insight into Letters 5 and 6.

Letter 5 Roundtable Discussion

Welcome to Letter 5 of Reader, Come Home

In this Letter, Dr. Wolf explores working memory and what we lose if we give ourselves over to the “grasshopper mind,” and rely only on information without developing knowledge.

For the virtual book study, read Letter 5 of Reader, Come Home, watch the roundtable discussion video, and answer the following discussion questions.

“What we attend to and how we attend make all the difference in how we think.” What are the implications of a 3-to-5 year old being on a digital device four hours a day? What else could be done with that time or brain-share?

“No self-respecting internal review board at any university would allow a researcher to do what our culture has already done with no adjudication or previous evidence: introduce..quasi-addictive, attention-compelling devices without knowing the possible side effects and ramifications for the subject (our kids!)” What do you see as direct side effects?

Ready to explore deeper? Enjoy our full Letter 5 lecture.

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