From Laps to Laptops in the First Five Years- Don’t Move Too Fast

Letter 6 Roundtable Discussion

Welcome to Letter 6 of Reader, Come Home

Here, Maryanne implores the Reader to give small children the appropriate time to develop the deep connections formed through reading – to protect the first two years and the years that come next, to ensure that the “good you are are contributing to the reading-brain circuit” allows the development of every component, in due time.

For the virtual book study, read Letter 6 of Reader, Come Home, watch the roundtable discussion video, and answer the following discussion questions.

While infants cannot articulate their thoughts, they are processing language – from the very start. We now know they need human interaction to develop their own language systems. What might they miss if left to learn from devices?

Maryanne Wolf references the importance of dual-language parents reading aloud in their first language. Why is that critical to the child’s development?

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