Deep Reading, Is it Endangered?

Maryanne welcomes us back as her Readers and gives insight into her thinking behind writing Letters 3 and 4, addressing the processes of deep reading, and what they mean for deep thinking.

Letter 3 Roundtable Discussion

Welcome to Letter 3 of Reader, Come Home

In this Letter, Dr. Wolf asks us to consider deep reading’s processes – including empathy and critical analysis – and what else we are risking, as a society, when we risk losing these processes.

For the virtual book study, read Letter 3 of Reader, Come Home, watch the roundtable discussion video, and answer the following discussion questions.

Maryanne refers to a loss of ‘cognitive patience.’ How has the quality of your attention changed as you have changed to “mediums that advantage immediacy?”

In this chapter, we begin to understand our responsibility to critically reflect – and the role of that reflection on developing empathy. What is at risk if we have a diminished ability to think?

Ready to explore deeper? Enjoy our full Letter 3 lecture.

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