Welcome to the Reader, Come Home Virtual Book Study

Here you are joining the Atlanta Speech School, the Cox Campus, and Dr. Maryanne Wolf as we explore her newest book Reader, Come Home: The Reading Brain in a Digital World.

Dr. Maryanne Wolf and other researchers have determined how we can end our country’s illiteracy epidemic and construct each child’s reading brain. Dr. Wolf has also offered a caution: with our children so immersed in our now digital world, will learning to read be even more difficult? Are our most vulnerable children – and all of our children – being put at further risk? In her book Reader, Come Home, Dr. Wolf offers a call to action: construct our children’s deep reading brains through print, and use technology to fuel rather than endanger them.

We invite you to participate in this book study through a series of 8 video discussions from our panel of literacy experts and advocates for each letter/chapter.

Why this book study?

Comer Yates, Executive Director of the Atlanta Speech School

Let’s Begin!

Enjoy a special thank you video from Dr. Maryanne Wolf. Grab a copy of Reader, Come Home: The Reading Brain in a Digital World and join us in discussing each letter.

Reader, Come Home Virtual Book Study Letters: