An effective Instructional Coaching program has the ability to transform teaching practices that lead to improved child outcomes. Instructional Coaches, as you set out to return to school for the rest of the 21-22 school year, we’re here for you. Each of our first three coaching courses are packed with practices, resources and tools to guide you each step of the way. Our fourth course is specifically designed for leaders. 

Get back into the swing of things in January by ensuring that your center is prepared to produce the optimal impact on language and literacy outcomes for children. Coaching Course 1, Instructional Coaching for Change in Children’s Futures, provides you with the necessary tools to set the stage for transformative change through instructional coaching. You’ll explore elements of a language-centered ecosystem, the essence of instructional coaching, best practices to support adult learners and more. This foundational course sets the stage for the next three courses in the Cox Campus coaching series. 

After a long holiday break, there’s nothing more important than continuing to foster strong coaching relationships. Coaching Course 2, Relationships are the Heart of Coaching, helps you achieve just that. Each of the course lessons will guide you through the important elements of building strong relationships through self-awareness. We’ll lead you through developing belief statements to guide interactions, practices to support the teachers you coach through stages of change and more. 

Coaching Course 3, The Rollins Coaching Process, completes your journey as a Cox Campus instructional coach. In this course, you will navigate each step of the coaching process that leads to transformative child outcomes. You’ll finish the course with the knowledge and skills to implement the Rollins Birth-to-5 Impact Cycle. 

We truly believe that we’re better and stronger together. Cox Campus’ fourth and final coaching course, Instructional Coaching and the Role of Leaders, is an introduction and overview of the importance of coaching in early childhood centers and the significant role leaders play. Over the course of three lessons, leaders will explore instructional coaching as a powerful form of professional learning and development, the essential elements of a language-rich ecosystem approach and Cox Campus courses as important components of instructional coaching. Leaders, start this course today so that you can provide your coaches the support they need and deserve. 

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