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Literacy & Justice for All

What is Literacy & Justice for All?

Literacy & Justice for All (LJFA) is a movement, the vision of which is universal literacy. Launched in Marietta, Georgia for the 2021-22 school year, LJFA is realizing a citywide ecosystem that supports language and literacy from the third trimester of pregnancy through the construction of the deep reading brain for every child.

LJFA is funded by the United Way of Greater Atlanta with support from the Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation. In 2022, the work has been expanded to include the City of Atlanta. The significant funding from our philanthropic partners ensures that science-based practices and resources are forever free and accessible to all through Cox Campus. Literacy & Justice for All is available to anyone, anywhere through Cox Campus.

How can educators and their directors get involved?

Join Cox Campus for language and literacy courses that are free and IACET-accredited. The accompanying free downloadable resources help educators implement evidence-based practices. To further deepen your knowledge and enhance your practice, you can additionally join live “Yearlong Journey” PLCs led by the Rollins Center for Language & Literacy experts.

How can families get involved?

All curriculum bundles on Cox Campus include “Centering Families” activities to encourage teachers to partner with families in and out of the classroom. These engagements center the stories, wisdom, and experiences of families as the first and most important teachers of children with much to contribute to the classroom community.

What is the Literacy & Justice for All Curriculum and Who Developed It?

Created while being implemented, this curriculum has been co-constructed by Rollins Center for Language and Literacy Teacher-Researchers, B-5 educators from across 18 independent early care and learning centers in Marietta City, literacy leaders from Quality Care for Children, faculty and students at Kennesaw State University, and translated with support from educators and students from the Westminster Schools of Atlanta. Together we are working to build classrooms that are relationship-centered, language-rich ecosystems where every child can thrive.

This justice-oriented curriculum is centered on our commitment for every child to see and hear themselves and their lives, interests, language, and culture represented in the classroom – and to see and learn from others in their classroom, community, and world.

The curriculum is built around critical-inquiry questions addressed in age-appropriate and equity-oriented ways that bring forward opportunities for meaningful and extended engagement within a language-centered classroom.

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