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Free Weekly Read Aloud Videos

Free Weekly Read Aloud Videos

Every Monday and Wednesday, you'll get a video story read to follow along with at home, with simple tips for impactful at-home story reads.

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Professional Guidance

Each email includes tips and step-by-step guidance for developing critical vocabulary and comprehension skills.

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Track Your Child's Progress Along the Way

Each Friday, you'll learn how to follow your child's reading progress and identify the areas in which they need help.

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Each week, you'll receive new story read videos which you can follow along, use to create your own lessons, or share with families who are learning at home.

What to Expect

Every Monday

Follow along with a story read by one of our teachers using the proven START Read model, focusing on the key events of the story, as well as tips for making storytime the most impactful, based on science-backed teaching techniques.

Every Wednesday

Follow along with a second story read of this week's book, this time focusing on the character's thoughts and feelings to help your child learn the foundational skills of reading and literacy.

Every Friday

Follow along with your child's progress. Learn which milestones your child should be reaching and what to do if you believe your child is falling behind.

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"Thank you Cox Family for your weekly course sessions! They are awesome and have given my family structure in these challenging times."

Mignon P.

"It's so great to have this almost personal consultation on the things my child (who hasn't been to daycare yet) should be learning at 20 months."

Lenise M.