When you’re dealing with a problem as immense and important as improving children’s literacy, it’s crucial to have partners in the cause. The Rollins Center for Language & Literacy at the Atlanta Speech School is one of more than 100 advocacy groups throughout Georgia united to achieve a common goal. As part of Get Georgia Reading – Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, our unified purpose is reflected in the 2020 Promise: by the year 2020, every early childhood educator in Georgia will have the skills to effectively prepare our children to meet or exceed grade level reading requirements by the end of 3rd grade.

Recently, representatives from organizations including Georgia Public Broadcasting, Georgia Department of Public Health, Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning, United Way, the Rollins Center and several other groups held an event to announce their pledge.

Georgia’s First Lady, Sandra Deal, Interim Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning, Amy Jacobs, and State School Superintendent, Dr. John D. Barge were among those who spoke at the event, voicing their commitment to support the cause.

Addressing children in the audience, Superintendent Barge said, “I promise you that we will continue every effort and invest every dollar that we have in professional learning, to make sure we have teachers who are ready and able to make sure you’re ready for your next step in life.”


Superintendent Barge’s commitment aligns perfectly with the mission of the Rollins Center. As the professional development program within the Atlanta Speech School, we are dedicated to providing educators research-based strategies to help children develop vocabulary, language and comprehension. Our Read Right from the Start program (available online through the Cox Campus) embodies this commitment.

We are excited to have so many prominent organizations and influential people working alongside us as we strive to keep the 2020 Promise to Georgia’s children. You can help too by encouraging your child’s school to adopt Read Right from the Start.

Get Georgia Reading is always looking to build valuable new public and private partnerships. To find out more about this important coalition, or to pledge your support, contact Get Georgia Reading today.