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Black History Month
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5 Intentional Ways to Celebrate Black History Month

Rollins Staff February 5, 2024

Here are some ways you can incorporate Black History month activities into your lessons.


Inspire the Students in Your Classroom with these Black History Month Activities

Rollins Staff February 22, 2022

Looking to elevate your Black History lessons this month? We’ve got you covered! Rollins for Language and Literacy facilitators have compiled activities – distinguished by age group – to help you lead engaging, inclusive discussions…

Fun free summer activities for kids

Fun & Simple Summer Activities for Kids

Rollins Staff June 7, 2021

With most kids out of the virtual classroom, families are exploring all the available options for keeping their children entertained this summer. With reasonable precautions, most experts think it’s safe for children’s lives to return…


Four Classroom Organization Ideas That Will Elevate Your Instruction

Rollins Staff March 18, 2021

Teachers spend countless hours, not to mention a good chunk of change, on classroom decorations to create inspiring learning environments. With students around the country returning to in-person learning, many teachers will be changing up…


Celebrating Native American Heritage Month and Thanksgiving

Rollins Staff November 13, 2020

November is Native American Heritage Month, a great time to uplift and celebrate the histories, traditions, and contributions of the diverse, multifaceted Native American cultural groups in our country! Last month we shared tips on Honoring Indigenous Peoples’ Day in the Classroom to highlight the importance of giving a voice to our…


The 5 Critical Components of Reading and How to Assess Student Progress

Rollins Staff March 19, 2020

Reading is a complex process. For a child to be able to read proficiently, they must master five key components: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. These “Big Five,” as defined by the National…


How Crisp County Primary Transformed Their School Culture (and Improved Their Test Scores)

Rollins Staff December 16, 2019

School leadership, you won’t want to miss this! Do you want your school or center to be a place of meaningful relationships between staff and students? A school that will prepare children for a lifetime…

teaching a student a new skill

How to Introduce New Skills to Your Students

Rollins Staff July 19, 2019

Picture this: a brand new gadget has just been released on the market. You’re told this new tool will make working easier AND be fun to use, but there’s a very specific way to use…


How to Create the Ideal K-3 Classroom

Rollins Staff July 18, 2019

It has probably been a while since you sat in a Child Development course in college, but I’m about to bring you right back into that lecture hall with one name – Bronfenbrenner. Sound familiar? …


How to Get Students to Talk in Class and Why It Matters

Rollins Staff July 14, 2019

To learn, every child needs the opportunity to process new information and ideas. This is often done best by communicating with others who are being introduced to the same information. Long story short, children need…