Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles all want the best for the children in their lives. Families want the next generation to find success and happiness in whatever job, career or passion they choose to pursue. Parents and other caretakers play an important role in enabling children to achieve those dreams, and it all starts with words.

Words are the foundation for learning. And research shows that children need to hear and understand as many words as possible as early as possible. The larger a child’s vocabulary by the time they are 3 years old, the more likely they are to learn to read and comprehend in elementary school and beyond.

You don’t have to be a trained teacher to interact with your child in ways that give them valuable exposure to words. In fact, it happens every time you talk with your child – even if they are a baby and can’t talk back yet.

Fill your baby’s brain with as many words as you can possibly imagine. Explain what you’re doing. Talk about where you’re going. Describe things you see. These are all valuable opportunities for your child to experience new words.

In addition to talking to your child as you play with them throughout the day, reading books aloud exposes children to words you may not use in your everyday routine. The READ strategy builds your child’s vocabulary through reading at home.

Here’s more info on READ and some ways you can use the strategy with your child at home:

R – Repeat the Book

E – Engage and Enjoy

A – Ask Questions

D – Do More

Here are several free books you can share with your child using the READ strategy:


You can also check out these guides for using the READ strategy with these popular children’s books:

Interested in a more structured form of talking, reading and playing with your child? Enjoy daily lessons delivered by real educators.


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