Children love to learn about letters! The Cox Campus provides a variety of resources that will take your alphabet knowledge instruction to the next level!

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Activities for Teaching Alphabet Knowledge

Get moving and get learning!

Get your class up and moving with our Activities for Teaching Alphabet Knowledge resource! This ready made list of activities can be easily scaffolded. Use only letters from a child’s name to provide extra support, or include both upper and lower case letters for a challenge.

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The Hungry Monster

A fun and exciting way to teach letter recognition!

You can make your own Hungry Monster with felt, like Mary, or use a classroom puppet. The children will love to make sure their famished friend is fed!

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Alphabet Knowledge Teaching Aid

Highlights the key elements of teaching alphabet knowledge!

The Alphabet Knowledge Teaching Aid provides a concise description of the most important elements of alphabet knowledge instruction. Print a copy to refer to while planning to make sure your lessons contain the most effective activities for your students!

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Activity Time

Lights Out Letters

Lights Out Letters is a fun game you can use to help children identify letters. In the video, note the way Shenikia pushes in tier 2 words, models expectations, and explicitly describes letters while she implements the activity.

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Let’s Discuss

What is your favorite alphabet knowledge activity to implement with your class?

Cox Campus members have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in language and literacy in early childhood education. Please share your experience with other teachers on our Cox Campus Community Discussion Board by answering this month’s discussion question.

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Featured Course

Developing Alphabet Knowledge

Alphabet knowledge is a fundamental part of learning to read. In this course, you’ll learn how to support young students in becoming alphabet experts.

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