REAL Time is pairing a non-fiction book or resource with a storybook you are reading in order to build world knowledge. This month we’re sharing the latest updates from the Cox Campus including our favorite REAL time resources, activities, courses, and more!

Featured Resources:

The Cox Campus provides a variety of resources to make REAL Time come alive in your classroom! Here are some of our favorites:

REAL Time with Emma

Watch Emma as she conducts a REAL time read with “The Post Office Book” by Gail Gibbons. Note the connections she draws between the informational text and the storybook, “A Letter to Amy.”

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REAL Time Ladder Safety Nets

What can you do when children struggle to answer questions about REAL time books? Use safety nets, of course! The REAL Time Ladder Safety Nets resource helps you to support your students at all levels of development.

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Printable REAL Time book:
“Caring for a Pet Cat”

Did you know Rollins has created some REAL Time books? “Caring for a Pet Cat” is a great companion book to the complex storybooks “Pet Show” or “Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet” and can be downloaded and printed anytime for free!

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Activity Time

Take your REAL Time lessons further with hands-on small group activities! Watch Dina make natural paint with her small group. Then, start brainstorming about what you can do to make your REAL Time pop!

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Let’s Discuss

How do you determine which non-fiction books to read to your class for REAL Time? Do you consider children’s interests? Do you base your decisions around your curriculum? How do you know which REAL Time book to link to a sophisticated storybook?

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Featured Course

Building World Knowledge. World knowledge is necessary for reading comprehension. Learn how to incorporate informational text in the classroom in a responsive, meaningful manner.

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