Oral Language

Join the Atlanta Speech School and its Rollins Center for Language and Literacy as we discuss the importance of oral language across the Birth-5 and K-3rd continuum. Watch the recording here:  https://youtu.be/Rxrh8CBn_-s

A Safe and Responsive Climate

Join the Rollins Facilitators as they explore the topic, Safe and Responsive Climates and the benefits for children. Click Here to Register

A Culturally Responsive and Preserving Environment

Join the Rollins Facilitators as they discuss the benefits of preserving a culturally responsive environment.  Bring your experiences and get ready for great dialogue! Click Here to Register

Consistent Routines, Rituals, and Transitions

Join the Rollins staff as they explore the topic of consistent routines, rituals, and transitions.  Bring your experiences, get ready for great dialogue, and get ready to leave with ideas to transform your practice! Click Here to Register

Children as Conversational Partners

Join the Rollins Facilitators as they share transformative insights around the benefits of viewing children as conversational partners! Click Here to Register