Let’s celebrate the end of the school year!

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Plan for the last theme of the year!

Get your ideas on paper…

Use this lesson plan template to help you prepare a variety of activities that connect to an anchor book.



Let’s take a look at developmental goals!

See how far your students have come…

This free resource highlights language developmental end-of-year goals for children from infancy through five years of age. This tool aligns expectations with Georgia’s Early Learning and Development Standards (GELDS), as well as with Teaching Strategies GOLD (TSG) and Work Sampling Online (WSO).



Resources to wrap up the year!

Create your own read aloud guide…

Use this guide as you plan for your first, second, and third START reads for sophisticated storybooks.

Read all about it!

The latest from the Cox Campus blog…

Even though the school year is winding down, it’s never too late to improve your interactions and conversations with your students. In this article, we break down how to have more engaging conversations with your students, while building their vocabulary and thinking skills at the same time.

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