Roadmap to Reading for K-3rd Educators

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Simple tips to make the most of
virtual instruction

Learn more about the four critical areas of setting your classroom up for success in a virtual environment. Select your free Pathway to Language & Literacy bundle below to access instructional videos, printables, and other helpful resources.

Virtual Small Group Instruction

Small group instruction approaches that have proven effective in classroom settings are adapted here for virtual application so you can help each child reach grade-level reading and beyond.

Virtual Small Group Instruction - Educator Support
Read Alouds That Reach Each Child - Educator Support

Make Your Virtual Read Alouds Engaging and Effective

Deliver a virtual read aloud that is engaging and informative - and builds literacy, empathy, and diverse perspectives in even the youngest learners.

Deliver Assessments Virtually

How to use the National Reading Panel's Big 5 to inform virtual instruction, identify areas in which your students are proficient and where they may need more help, individualize teaching and monitor student progress.

Delivering Assessments Virtually - Educator Support
"Classroom" Environment - Educator Support

Build Community In A Virtual Setting

Create a culture of trust, safety and learning - even without walls. Learn how with our demonstration video, tips and resources.

Cox Campus' mission is to ensure literacy for all children. Using evidence-based techniques, Cox Campus helps you prepare your children for lifelong learning.

Clip from one of our bundles:
Building a Virtual Classroom Community

Pathway to Language & Literacy

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