Feel the Rhythm & Hear the Rhyme! This month we’re sharing the latest updates from the Cox Campus including our favorite Rhythm & Rhyme resources, activities, courses, and more!

Featured Resources:

Doris’s Infant Class

Rhythm and rhyme is a great way to encourage infants to not just observe, but participate in meaningful interactions that helps build their language development.

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Faye’s Young Toddler Class

Young toddlers’ understanding of language grows exponentially. Rhythm and rhyme activities provide opportunities to introduce and reinforce new vocabulary in a fun and creative way.

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Brooke and her Older Toddlers

You can easily integrate rhythm and rhyme into daily activities. This makes the task at hand fun while continuing to build language and comprehension for older toddlers and Kindergarteners.

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Activity Time

Utilize a collection of many popular and varied rhythm and rhyme activities into your day. Consider adding a song and rhythm before and during transitions. Need some inspiration? Check out this list of rhythm and rhyme songs from the Cox Campus resource library.

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Let’s Discuss

Where have you implemented rhyme and rhythm throughout your schedule? When you engage children in rhythm and rhyme, you are helping to prepare a child’s brain for reading one song and one rhyme at a time. When concepts are carried over through fingerplays and chants during transitions you are showcasing the sounds of language.

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Featured Course

Rhyme with Me. Learn how to turn every rhythm and rhyme moment into an opportunity to build relationships with infants and toddlers.

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