As we settle into this “new normal,” many of us are trying to find the answer to the same question. What should at-home learning look like for my family? You may be feeling overwhelmed balancing working, teaching, and parenting all at once. But it’s important to remember you don’t have to be a professional teacher to continue supporting your child’s learning and development at home.

Every time you talk, read, or play with your child you’re helping them learn. Not sure where to begin? Here are a few videos to get you started with ways to talk, read, and play with your child.

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The TALK Strategy

Turn everyday moments into an opportunity to enter your child’s world, ask questions, model language and keep the conversations going.

How To READ With Your Child

Transform story time with these simple strategies.

Playtime with Trains

Meaningful conversations don’t have to stop during playtime!

See? At-home learning can be simple! It’s already a part of what you’re doing with your child all day long. Learning is really as easy as Talk, Read, and Play.

Interested in a more structured form of talking, reading and playing with your child? Enjoy daily lessons delivered by real educators.


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